Detailed Fence Clearing

Walk through your yard without dealing with brush when you work with us for your fence clearing. At Old Tree Service in Magnolia, Texas, we remove debris from any lot.

Stump Grinding

Once you remove a tree, forget that it ever existed when you work with us for your stump grinding. By taking care of the material at least 12-inches below the ground, we remove any dead roots and leftover pieces. Start the landscaping process again with our help. We fill up the empty space with dirt and can add new grass to the area.


No More Branches

Make room for new construction in any lot with our clearing options. Our contractors chop down and haul away dead trees and other debris, leaving you with a clear lot.


Enjoy a clearer yard when you remove excess underbrush. If you can't walk through the area, Old Tree Service clears trees and weeds from your fencing.

Contact our crew to come to your property for a fence clearing.