Pruning & Trimming

Essential Pruning Services & Storm Cleanup

Leave your pruning services and storm cleanup to the professionals. At Old Tree Service in Magnolia, Texas, we remove dangerous branches and fallen limbs.

Tree Pruning or Trimming

Eliminate dead wood and keep your trees healthy when you use our pruning services. Even a healthy tree has branches that should be removed before they fall. We recommend completing this service every other year for optimal results.

Palm Trees

Make your palms look lush and beautiful again by removing any lifeless branches and leaves. Our crews clear away any fallen pieces to keep your yard looking great.

Storm Cleanup

After a hurricane or other bad storm, turn to us to bring your property back to normal. If there are any broken branches or fallen trees, we clear them from your yard. We also grind any stumps that were left behind, making your space look new again. With our careful crews and precise work, you don't have to worry about any accidents in your yard. We take safety very seriously, and we complete your project without causing any further damage to your property.

Storm Cleanup

Contact us to use our pruning services and storm cleanup options.