Thorough Tree Inspection

Ensure your job is completed safely when you work with the crews at Old Tree Service in Magnolia, Texas. From your tree inspection to the cleanup, we handle every aspect of your project.

A Complete Check

Decide on the best course of action for your trees when you work with us for an inspection. In many cases, a proper treatment plan will save your tree and bring it back to life.

Chopping & Cutting

Avoid damage from falling trees when you use our services. When your trees are dying or has already started to fall, call us to remove it the right way. We use the best tools to complete your job quickly and safely.

Stump Removal

The Leftover Pieces

With our equipment, you have several options for your leftover wood. We cut it into any size, giving you the perfect way to add mulch to your yard or collect pieces for your fireplace. If you choose to have it chopped into fire logs, we stack the wood wherever you want us to store it.


Enjoy an evening by the fireplace when you purchase our logs. Available throughout the year, this wood is great for use in bonfires and chimney. If you work in a restaurant, our firewood makes the ideal addition to your kitchen. Many eateries use this material to cook food.

Contact us to schedule your tree inspection at your home or business.